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Publications and Press

Recently come to light, of which I am quite pleased:

  • Niteblade 22 has reached it's fundraising goal, and my poem "The Language of Flowers" is now available for reading in it's entirety.  I was thinking about ikebana, Lost in Translation and the realization that, sometimes, the ones we love don't make it home.  The cover and title of this issue are based on my poem, for which I am smashedly appreciative.  Marge Simon's art is wonderful!

  • In wide release on February 12th, my contributor copy of Futuredaze: An Anthology of YA Science Fiction has arrived.  My poem "Speech Lessons", the second of my "Teaching on Mars" series, is snug up against a story by Lavie Tidhar.  This makes me quite happy.  The first story, "Clockwork Airlock", by Nancy Holder is really delightful; "Market Day", a poem by Anna Della Zazzera, left me going "oh!".  I'm looking forward to reading more of my fellow contributor's work.  You can find some excellent reviews by the likes of C.J. Cherryh and Piers Anthony here

Through the Gate, issue 2

Though the issue is brief, these three poems weave together beautifully. A lovely read for this morning!

Originally posted by mitchell_hart at issue 2 is here!
issue 2 of Through the Gate is here!  

This is a very brief issue, consisting of only three poems, from
Bogi Takács, Rose Lemberg and Sonya Taaffe.  Go read it, and spread the word!

Poetry in review

Since it's that time of year, I thought I'd post my eligible writing from 2012. If you're so inclined, take a look.

Poems first published in 2012:

"The Language of Flowers" - Niteblade, Issue 22
"The Magician Makes a Phoenix" - Electric Velocipede, Issue 25
"Counting Stones" - Electric Velocipede, Issue 25
"Evolutionary Biology" - Abyss & Apex, Issue 44, 4th Quarter 2012
"The Dryad, on Marrying the Oak" - Through the Gate, Issue 1, September 2012
"Rice Grower: a song for Inari" - Eternal Haunted Summer, Autumn Equinox 2012
"An Herbalist's Loves" - Expanded Horizons, Issue 37, September 2012
"Et in Arcadia ego" - Star*Line 35.3

Best of the season to all!


This arrived yesterday, art I have waited a long time to buy, by an artist I have watched for equally long, Kelly Vivanco.


The year is off to a solid clip. I'm working, working, working at school, have set up my calendar for my independent project at grad school, and have just finished a short story. The quality of all three have yet to be determined and are in need of some feedback from outside of myself. Still, I'm proud to be working.

I hope this sense of pride continues. ^_^

The words and the winds and the days

This meme is going around and I would like to try - seems fun.

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you one sentence from that story.

Poetry acceptances = whoah!

Asimov's Science Fiction and Fantasy just accepted my poem, "Teaching on Mars."

Woot! This is my only sentient reaction.

The adrenaline rush is helping kick out my reoccurring migraine.


In other news: SFPA updates

Back in speculative poetry land, two notes of positivity:

1) My dwarf poem "The Water's Shadow" was a finalist in the SFPA 2012 poetry contest.

2) Turns out my poem Et in Arcadia ego is an editor's choice from the July - September 2012 issue. :)

In real life, I am stalling from making dinner and finishing homework. Yay! I have been slow all day. Still, I was able to pick up my car after getting it tuned up. Feeling okay, and there's an extra hour to get done what needs to be done.

Onwards and upwards.

Poetry Sale

"Maud Gonne, After" has sold to Mythic Delirium! I am really, really, really, really happy about this. 1) It's Mythic Delirium. 2) With each acceptance, I am feeling more like a "real" writer. 3) In this time of thin veils, it's appropriate that a poem about Maud Gonne speaking to Yeats after death should be chosen.




I have finished all my homework (both grad and take-home from school), so can actually relax now and sit with my cat, contemplate a fire later and a drink and some story editing. I want to finalize edits on "The Christians and the Pagans" and get it ready to go. Thank you ashlyme and starlancer for the beta-reading and helpful suggestions!

There is a metric ton of candy on our kitchen table waiting for the big day. I didn't carve this year, but there's a sparkly black pumpkin on the font porch that plugs in and glitters with gothic charm. Perhaps the spider lights will turn up - the basement may have eaten them - otherwise, we are good to go.

I plan to dress as a fox (fox hat for the win!), and starlancer is wearing his ST:TNG captain's shirt. Yes, this is how we roll.

Anthology Updates

The Futurdaze: An Anthology of YA Science Fiction book trailer went live this week. I am very excited about this project, particularly since I can bring it into my classroom and spread it widely among my educator colleagues. My poem "Speech Lessons", about an alien receiving speech-language therapy, will appear. Available February 2013.


Earlier this month, my flash fiction "The Conjurer" was accepted by Kazka Press for their anthology At Year's End: SFF Holiday Stories. It's the story of a girl granting her sister's wish, based on a happening from my own childhood. With magick and off-world living.


In other news, there is a large white cat with black spots and tortoise face markings loving on my black cloche. Much cleaning off of white hair will be needed before I can wear it again!

Travels and a poem for Turing

We have returned from New Orleans. Sunday night was spent eating delicious, cleansing udon soup, full of seaweed and mushrooms, at an establishment our host rightly penned as being "out of Blade Runner." There was some wandering that night, and some drinking of wine in a wine grotto in an area of town neither R (starlancer) nor I had ever seen, and some general delight along with a very surreal version of Alice complete with sawdust-filled white rabbits.

Somewhere in that space of time, I began writing a song cycle for the city - it goes well.

Monday: nursing of head, final visit to the cemetery, and home to find our cat and fish had managed their 72 hour lock-in admirably.

Yesterday, also, my poem "Evolutionary Biology", for Alan Turing, went live at Abyss & Apex. I am pleased; I thought this poem had a longer wait in store! This was written this past May at Trek Trax, sitting in our hotel room after one of many conversations/strands with Dr. Lawrence Schoen, klingonguy; I know we never spoke of Turing, but this happened all the same.

Somewhere: photographic proof of my secret identity as a Bajoran ex-militant.

Ah, digression.