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[sticky post] Teaching on Mars

Welcome to my journal!  

On this page, you will find various writing announcements, signal-boosting for worthy artistic causes, and the occasional soft ramble.  My short fiction and poetry are predominantly speculative, with the occasional non-spec publication.

If you'd like access to personal musings or a rare writing draft, please leave a note here or send me a message.  

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Awards Eligible Writing

2013 was a banner year in my life for many reasons.  Thankfully, in the writing realm, these reasons were positive!  My gratitude to all who have read and enjoyed my work this past year.  Below, please consider my awards-eligible work from 2013:

2013 Awards Eligible Writing

·         Short Fiction – Nebula and Hugo Eligible

“Flower of Flowers, Bird of Birds” – Demeter’s Spicebox; Volume One, Issue 3. July 29, 2013.

·         Poetry – Rhysling Eligible

"La Sirène" - Eternal Haunted Summer, Winter Solstice

"The Shoe War" - Spaceports and Spidersilk, October

"River Song" - Witches & Pagans, Issue 27

"The Gravedigger's Song" - Underneath the Juniper Tree, Fall 2013

"The Lift Equation" and "If Sappho Studied Egyptology" - Abyss & Apex, 4th Quarter

"Truants" - The Martian Wave, 2013 Issue

"Where the Rabbits Run, Near the Shore" - inkscrawl, issue 6

"Teaching on Mars" - Asimov's Science Fiction - September 2013

"Once, I Was a Mermaid" - Strange Horizons - June 17

"Milky White" - Paper Crow - Spring/Summer 2013

"Artemis Speaks to Aphrodite" - Ideomancer 12.2

"Among the Angelic Orders" - Mirror Dance - Summer 2013

"Our Hearts Cried Out" - Star*Line 36.2

"Asteroid Orphan" - Aoife's Kiss – Issue 44

"Maud Gonne, After" - Mythic Delirium, 28

"Ariadne merione" - Hyacinth Noir - Spring Equinox

"Atibon Legba", "Marrying Spirit: a Song for Bawon Samedi", "Papa Damballah" - Eternal Haunted Summer - Spring Equinox

"To Bits, Body and Bones" - Punchnel's - February

"Tarantella" - Plunge Magazine - Issue 1

"Moral" - Goblin Fruit, Winter 2013

"Speech Lessons" - Futuredaze: An Anthology of YA Science Fiction – February

Once again, a bit negligent - I've been out and about and to the carnival.

Recent wonders:

  • "Teaching on Mars" was published in September's Asimov's

  • "Where the Rabbits Run, Near the Shore" has gone live at inkscrawl

  • "The Gravedigger's Song" was accepted by Underneath the Juniper Tree

Long-ago delights:

  • "Cowboy Hats and Blue Tails" - if you're in the mod for some slash fan-fic, try this out

Back to snoozing dogs, and mental alacrity.


Recent News

Aside from school starting back (which elicits a shrug juxtaposed with a yay!students), the following has recently occured:

1) My story "Earthen" has been accepted to NewCon Press' Looking Landwards anthology.  A collaboration with the Institution of Agricultural Engineers, which celebrates its 75th anniversary this year, this anthology contains speculation on the future of agriculture, farming and food production.  My family has farming roots and I've been raised gardening my whole life; it's a pleasure to be included.

2) Demeter's Spicebox #3: Islands went live today.  Among the companionship of Bogi Takács' "Mouse Choirs of the Old Mátra" and Mari Ness' "Stronger Than the Wind, Stronger Than the Sea", you'll find my story, "Flower of Flowers, Bird of Birds".  I am so thrilled to be a part of this hypertextual storytelling experiment!  All of the stories in this issue are based on the Aarne-Thompson-Uther (ATU) folktale type 2031C, "The Mouse Who Was to Marry the Sun".

My best to all for the enjoyment of these late July days.

June update

The long and the short of it - writing again.

I've two new poems up: "Among the Angelic Orders" at Mirror Dance and "Artemis Speaks to Aphrodite" at Ideomancer; I am very pleased with both.

Some new writing under friends-lock.


It's been a really whirlwind month; I can't broach even half of it.  Like climbing a steep mountain with intermittent bursts of surfing.  I do love the surfing.

I am very grateful for a few things as of late:

  • Amal El-Mohtar featured my poem "Moral" on - almost a month later, I am back to speaking, but am still happily flabbergasted.  I'm looking forward to reading the next poem featured and taking part in the poetry study.

  • My poem "Tree Dreaming" has been accepted to Dark Mountain Book 5.  Hurrah!

There's more, but it's raining now.  I'd like to lay back on the couch and listen to the rain come down.

March Monster blogfest

March Monster

Write 1 Sub 1 is a really excellent project for  me - following in Ray Bradbury's footsteps, the challenge is to write and submit and story (or poem more often in my case) every week of the year.  It's really keeping my productivity up despite my hectic life.  I've managed to keep up the pace so far this year and am happy with the results.

Two new acceptances this week, of which I'm very pleased:

"The Lift Equation" and "If Sappho Studied Egyptology" were accepted by Abyss & Apex for their July 2013 issue.  I love both poems, but am particularly fond of "The Lift Equation".  It was written in honor of my mother's scientific contributions at NASA, particularly her work on the ProSEDS tether.  selidor, you might have some knowledge of this project, considering your field.  I'm looking forward to its publication later this year.  Sappho, I am also proud to honor. :)

Two new print publications this week - "Asteroid Orphan" in Aoife's Kiss 44 and "Maud Gonne, After" in Mythic Delirium 28.  I will wait until my contributor copies arrive for a proper review.

Now, back to working on a new story.

Things to Love - Signal Bumps

Thing the First

The Grey Fox Epistles, by Sylvia Victor Linsteadt - a monthly story-in-the-mail project, complete with sprigs of evergreen and small treasures; my story this month (so heartbreaking and lovely, a retelling of the Children of Lir), arrived in a beautifully decorated, wax-sealed envelope.  I cannot wait for next month's offering!

Thing the Second

Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History - already fully funded and aiming for a stretch goal of adding more stories, this project aims to represent the "voices of silent dreamers".  The premise: [Long Hidden] will feature stories from the margins of speculative history, each taking place between 1400 and the early 1900s and putting a speculative twist—an element of science fiction, fantasy, horror, or the unclassifiably strange—on real past events. 

An exciting and necessary project!


Sunday Service Announcement: Always Support the Arts!

Publications and Press

Recently come to light, of which I am quite pleased:

  • Niteblade 22 has reached it's fundraising goal, and my poem "The Language of Flowers" is now available for reading in it's entirety.  I was thinking about ikebana, Lost in Translation and the realization that, sometimes, the ones we love don't make it home.  The cover and title of this issue are based on my poem, for which I am smashedly appreciative.  Marge Simon's art is wonderful!

  • In wide release on February 12th, my contributor copy of Futuredaze: An Anthology of YA Science Fiction has arrived.  My poem "Speech Lessons", the second of my "Teaching on Mars" series, is snug up against a story by Lavie Tidhar.  This makes me quite happy.  The first story, "Clockwork Airlock", by Nancy Holder is really delightful; "Market Day", a poem by Anna Della Zazzera, left me going "oh!".  I'm looking forward to reading more of my fellow contributor's work.  You can find some excellent reviews by the likes of C.J. Cherryh and Piers Anthony here